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Eatwith in Cannes : culinary experiences in a home 

Become a host on Eatwith

You live in Cannes, are over 18 years old and are passionate about cooking?

Become a host on Eatwith and open your home for lunch or dinner. Invite travellers from all over the world to your table for a convivial and gourmet moment. Let them discover recipes from your region and share your best addresses and anecdotes about your city.


Registration is completely free and you can choose the menu you propose, the time and date you wish to host and the price of the meal. 

How does it work? 

Register at the following address

● A dedicated team will review your application and contact you to help you create your dining experience and host travellers in your home. 

● Once your profile has been validated, you will be able to choose the menu you want to offer, the price per guest and indicate your availability. 


Join more than 500 talented hosts in France now and let people discover the cuisine of your region for a meal at your home. 


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